El Balcón de Don Zacharias in Chivay, Perú

Credit: www.balconcolca.com

El Balcón de Don Zacharias is the most famous of Chivay’s group-oriented buffet restaurants, and for good reason.  For 30 Soles ($10) you can enjoy unlimited servings from the spread of soups, salads, entrees, sides, and desserts.  The price also includes coffee or tea, although other beverages are available for purchase.

Credit: www.balconcolca.com

As hungry Americans, we definitely appreciate a good face-stuffing buffet experience every once in awhile.  Although the price tag of Don Zacharias would normally be out of our reach, on this day we had a special reason to splurge…we had just gotten engaged!!!  Combine our excitement and celebratory moods with our hunger after a five-hour hike, and we were ready to indulge!  I particularly enjoyed the salad bar, as fresh veggies are a rarity in Perú.  We sampled the trout, chicken, pesto alpaca, lomo saltado, and vegetable ratatouille, finding each entree quite tasty.  The typical-Peruvian potato/carrot/pea salad was one of my favorite sides.

Happy face and happy stomach.

And then we hit the desserts, of course!  Chocolate cake with amaretto-flavored mousse was exactly what my sweet tooth desired.  We also enjoyed lots of fresh melon, wishing that healthy fruit would negate some of the fatty calories!  All in all, El Balcón de Don Zacharias was a great experience: friendly staff and a delicious selection!

Note my obvious display of the new left-hand ring along with the chocolate cake.