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Happy Ayurveda Wednesday! 

Ayurveda isn’t just about herbs and food.  It’s a holistic health system designed to bring BALANCE to your mind, body, and spirit!  

BALANCE is the key word!  To find balance, Ayurveda teaches us to use everything around us!  Diet, exercise, meditation, yoga, and lifestyle changes are all areas we look at when utilizing Ayurveda.  


Zach getting an Ayurvedic pulse reading in Sri Lanka


But first we look inside ourselves, in order to determine what is out of balance in the first place!


If this is interesting to you and you’re feeling called to learn more, please join us for our FREE “What is Ayurveda?” webinar next Monday, Feb. 11, at 7pm PST!  Sign up here! You must register to get the webinar invite!  We can’t wait!