After entering Bolivia, the food was SO cheap but there wasn’t very many options.  We saw some stands selling fried chicken and french fries for 10Bs (under $1.50) so, starving, we dug in.  After eating at these places for a few weeks now, we have decided that FRIED CHICKEN IS THE NEW BEST THING EVER!  You can smell it from a mile away and when other people have it, you just have to have some for your self.  It’s so greasy and filling, we just can’t get enough because it’s magical.

The problem with fried chicken is that we pass through villages where there is literally nothing to eat except fried chicken.  This creates towns of very fat and malnourished people.  Someone put some veggies on their plates!  But save the fried chicken for us because we need it in our bellies.

Carrie edit:  No, I´m not really a vegetarian down here.  If I was, we´d spend about twice as much money on food because there just aren´t any cheap veggie options anywhere.  I do plan on going back to being a full vegetarian in the United States, but for now, I do love me some fried chicken!