Finishing Yoga Teacher Training and My First Forays into Teaching

It’s official, I’m a yoga teacher!  And I’ve already taught quite a few classes!  Hooray!  The immersive teacher training experience I had through Quantum Yoga in Sri Lanka was definitely the biggest highlight in my first year as a digital nomad.  Being surrounded by like-minded people who quickly became lifelong friends as we all went through this intense, transformative experience was simply beautiful.  I can’t wait to see my fellow teacher training grads and go to everyone’s classes around the world as we all travel and advance as teachers!

“Sadhana” is Sanskrit for a “daily spiritual practice” and the development of a sadhana was one of the most impactful parts of my teacher training.  After a whole month of waking up to 1.5 hours of meditation and pranayama before breakfast each day, the effect was definitely obvious.  Doing so much pranayama (breathing exercises), more than I had ever done, definitely helped support my asana practice and helped me advance faster.  The meditation was always a challenge for my monkey mind, but I managed to glimpse a deeper, more spacious place in my consciousness enough times to keep me coming back for more.

Keeping up with my sadhana has been a challenge since returning to “normal” life but I constantly remind myself that no one wants a yoga teacher who doesn’t practice yoga!  The benefits of getting up early each day to make sure I work in meditation, pranayama, and asana practice are numerous!

I’ve also been privileged to already teach quite a few yoga classes to some amazing students in Sri Lanka and in the USA!  Our first Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop in San Diego brought the basics of Ayurveda to an awesome group of interested yogis and I look forward to teaching this workshop more in the future!  (Are you interested in hosting this workshop near you?  Contact us!)

We’ll also be teaching some basic Ayurvedic knowledge on each of our upcoming retreats.  Ayurveda was one of the most fascinating subjects I got to dive deep into during my teacher training and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed!  Come learn how a simple understanding of the Ayurvedic dosha system can help you bring more balance to your yoga practice and your life!  Our Mid-Summer Reset at Laguna Mountain will be here before you know it and there are only four spots left!  Nab yours before they’re all gone!

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