Why Go Camping at Laguna Mountain, California?

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Laguna Mountain Campground is a place we’ve always escaped to when we need some crisp mountain air and cooler temperatures. The meadows and pine forests are a welcome change from the crowded summer beaches in San Diego!

The Pacific Crest Trail comes right through this area, so naturally there’s an abundance of great hiking trails nearby. The 2.5-mile-hike up to Garnet Peak rewards you with views over the massive Anza Borrego Desert from the summit. Hiking can be moving meditation at its finest and provides great opportunities for mindfulness.

The first time I came to Laguna Mountain Campground was with a group of great friends and since I always liked to get too carried away, I got blind blackout drunk that night. So much so that I was completely hungover and incapable of helping navigate on the next day’s hike.

The second time I came to Laguna Mountain I was six months sober, still finding my way through my new way of living, on wobbly legs.. I got up before all my friends and layed in the sun on a rock with my dog and sent spiritual lightbeam messages up into the universe, asking a higher power to forgive me for not being present in the full beauty of this place before, or really any place for the last few years of my drinking. I asked the universe for the chance to redeem myself and be a better me in this place.

Our Mid-Summer Reset adventure will be my third time at Laguna Mountain. Again we’re coming with all our friends. We’ll do yoga and meditate in the meadow, hike Garnet Peak, and gaze up at the stars. Redemption is here.

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Garnet Peak photo credit: http://www.ihikesandiego.com/hiking-along-indian-creek-loop-trail-garnet-peak/

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