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Laguna Mountain Retreat Recap!

We are still overflowing with gratitude and joy after our weekend Mid-summer Reset at Laguna Mountain campout! We could not have asked for a more perfect setting, weather, and group of people!

The event started out fast with sunset yoga in the meadow followed by a welcoming dinner of sweet potato and black bean tacos! Cooking for 15 people over four camp stove burners has its challenges, but our vegan chef Zach really knocked it out of the park.

After dinner we went right into our Full Moon Ceremony. A short meditation led into writing our fears and limiting beliefs on paper, folding them into a pinecone, and casting them away into the fire. Soothing sounds of the singing bowl ushered us into the new month with positivity engulfing us. After the ceremony we had a time of sharing and it was amazing to see everyone opening up to each other so fast!

The next morning began with coffee and delicious chia pudding. After breakfast everyone carpooled down the road to the Garnet Peak trailhead. The hike ended at an amazing vista overlooking the desert below and was a great opportunity for some epic drone shots! Here is a video of the weekend, thanks to our awesome drone pilot/videographer/friend Anthony Collins!

After the hike we had a healthy lunch of a grilled portabello mushroom and avocado sandwhiches with kale salad.

Post lunch was a good time for rest and we had some hammocks and slackline around the campsites for afternoon fun and chillin’. Everyone was in the best of spirits and its was great to see such quick friendships forming.

Carrie gave a very informative class on the ancient science of Ayurveda (learn more here), letting everyone get to know themselves a little bit better.

After class everyone went to the nearby meadow for an evening Yang/Yin restorative yoga class followed by a grounding breathwork meditation session accompanied by relaxing sound frequencies.

Once finished with meditation and yoga, dinner was served! We had a great spread of Sri Lankan rice & curries! Dhal and beetroot curry and tomato sambal were some of the favorites!

After stuffing our faces, we enjoy some guitar jams by the fire and roasted vegan marshmallows!! Jon from Spain made his very first s’more, the Americans proudly showing him the proper technique!

Everyone slept hard then had some fruit and coffee before the morning’s invigorating yoga flow. It was great to see everyone’s progress after just a few classes. After the workout, breakfast was served-- soyrizo burritos and guacamole. We were happy to have served guac with almost every meal, eating more than 20 avocados between all of us over the weekend.

It was sad to pack everything up, but all good things come to an end. The feedback was incredible and we hoped that everyone could take some of what they learned home with them. It was great to see everyone hugging, new friendships formed and old ones reinforced. You could really sense the meaning of “HIGH VIBE” with the group, even in the sad pack-up stage of the event.

Thanks to everyone for making the weekend FANTASTIC and better than we could have imagined!

Want to be part of the fun? Sign up now for our Surf & Yoga Retreat in sunny Sri Lanka this September!

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