Mojanda Mountains of Otavalo, Ecuador

From my journal…At 2:30 we met up with some gringos we met the night before at the language exchange.  Included was a woman from Peace Corps who had a friend with a truck.  So this Swedish guy and I rode in the truck bed and everyone else in the cab.  I always like riding in the back on nice days, the wind flies through your hair and it makes you feel more adventurous.  We rode for 30 min up a cobblestone road, riding up and up into the clouds then out the top.  Clear and beautiful, huge volcanic peaks all around us, we parked next to a cold, crystal clear lake.  Most beautiful landscape so far this trip, breathtaking.  Took so many amazing pictures!  We walked and talked and had a blast just because of the beauty of the place.  But as soon as the sun started to fade, all the heat was drained from the land and it got COLD!  You would never expect it to be so cold only miles from the equator.  So we packed it up and drove back down through the clouds, on the road that was so old and going no place but to this perfect lake that is here only for us to enjoy.  We left our friends after exchanging email addresses, most of us traveling south and sure to meet again.  We were so hungry so we searched for this pizza place we had heard of.  Finally found it and it was delicious with real cheese and only $2.50 for a personal pizza that was about 12 inches and SPICY!

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