San Sebastian, Nos Gusta Pintxos

San Sebastian deserves a post just about food.  With 14 Michelin stars in the whole town, there’s no debating that the small city  in northern Spain deserves its place among the food capitals of the world.   Their staples are “pintxos” – Basque tapas-style small bites.  These are available for lunch (1pm-4pm) and dinner (7pm-11pm) and range in price from 1-4 euros.  All of the cold pintxos are laid out on the bar for you to look over, or you can buy hot pintxos off of the menu.  Almost every bar has them and they are all good.  We ate A LOT of pintxos.  Here were some of our favorites!!!

Jamon (ham), brie, corn salsa

Sandwich with Tortilla de Patata (in Spain a tortilla is an omelette…so potato omelette)

Roasted red pepper, mushroom, fried padron pepper

Caramelized onions, sun-dried tomatoes, brie

Cheese, raspberry marmalade, anchovies, walnuts

Sun-dried tomatoes, brie

Tuna, anchovy

a tart of salsa

Jamon, roasted pepper, egg, anchovy, shrimp, cheese

The best Couchsurfing meal ever!!!

Our Couchsurfing hosts where all chefs, so they generously decided to cook us up an amazing Basque-style feast.  We spent the whole morning driving around the city picking up the best ingredients and wine.  First was a refreshing tomato gazpacho (cold soup), then we had local tomatoes, ried padron peppers with sea salt, bread, “cocochas en salsa verde” (fish throats), and fried “bacalao” (salted cod) in tomato sauce.  All sooooo delicious and paired with amazing Rioja (local) wine.  I couldn’t have been happier, hanging out in the kitchen learning how to prepare these amazing dishes.  This is what Couchsurfing is all about and why we love it so much!

Cocochas en Salsa Verde

If you like food, DO NOT MISS SAN SEBASTIAN.  This was my favorite town EVER for eating.  I want to go back; I want to live there.  It was that good.

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