Sucre, the Whitewashed City

Plaza 25 de Mayo

To be fair though, there were still a lot of beggars, including some kids that set the record for most annoying pestering.  We made the mistake of walking by while eating popsicles, and two small kids ran after us, grabbing our legs and demanding “Give me your ice cream!” in Spanish.  Honestly kid, I might have given you the rest of my popsicle if you had asked nicely, but when you’re screaming and trailing off my pant-leg, there’s no way.  Would have been a good way to get robbed but thankfully we didn’t have anything in our pockets.  Safe to say we avoided that sidewalk from then on.


#buildings #city #Sucre #beggars #architecture #SouthAmerica #wealth #Bolivia #streetkids #poverty

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