The Bigger Life retreat experience!

Does anyone else have fond memories of childhood summers at camp?  For me, summer camp was one of the formative experiences of my youth, because it got me out of my shy, introverted comfort zone, while also getting me out in nature!  I remember canoeing with new friends, mountain biking down the biggest (to me at the time) hills, pulling pranks on counselors, bonfires with s’mores and singalongs, and being so freaking tired by the end of the week that I would pass out as soon as I got in the car to go home!

With Bigger Life Adventure's retreats, our vision is to create a “summer camp” type experience for adults!  We want our retreats to make you feel uplifted, motivated, invigorated, and spiritually renewed, like summer camp always did for us as kids!  We want you to make new lifelong friendships by exploring outside your comfort zones with like-minded, friendly people!  There’s nothing like being in a new place together to bond with your camp-mates or retreat-mates!

 We believe, as Christopher McCandless said, “The very basic core of a man’s spirit is his passion for adventure.” Every day on our retreats we strive to create the perfect space for you to not only discover new wonders of the external world, but also to go inside, and dive deeper towards discovering your true self through meditation, yoga, and free time for reflection. Our retreats are perfect for those going through a transition or decision-making time in their lives, as often having space and time away from one’s day-to-day circumstances allows one’s inner wisdom to rise to the surface.

The Bigger Life experience won’t just end on your trip home though.  Thanks to our deep dive meditation classes, you will take home different techniques to enrich your tool box of practices and help you stay more grounded and balanced even when you return home!

We guess our overall goal is to help you feel free!  Free to be yourself, free to laugh, play and grow!  Free to change your life in any way you want!  Come join us!

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