31-Day Yoga Challenge to win a free retreat in 2023!
As active, nature-loving folks we love experiencing the different activities and ways to enjoy the outdoors that different seasons bring. However sometimes with all our adventures and our busy lives we neglect the thing that keeps us grounded, sane, and connected – our yoga practice.
This October, take a month to bring yourself back to your mat. Give yourself a reason to practice every day, for at least 20 minutes a day.
Extra incentive – the winner of the contest will win a free spot in our August 2023 Arizona Exploration Retreat!

Rules and logistics:
Do a 20+ minute yoga asana (movement) practice, meditation, breathwork session, OR combination of the three each day for every day in October. Attending classes counts! Practicing on your own counts! Basically, practicing mindfulness in any way (movement, meditation, breath, without distraction) counts!
The contest will take place on social media. To share your progress and be eligible to win, each day you should share an Instagram or Tiktok post, reel, or story about your daily practice and tag @biggerlifeadventures plus hashtag #BLA31daychallenge .
Please adhere to the honor system and only post if you are truly meeting the challenge requirements on timing (20+ minutes) and daily practice.
If it seems daunting to post every day for a whole month, don’t worry! We will include a few “digital detox” days throughout the challenge on which you won’t be required to post!
Register for the challenge by filling out a simple form here:
We can’t wait to see who wins! The prize will be determined by blind drawing. Every participant who completes all 31 days and posts each day will be entered to win!
Bonus Entries:
1 extra bonus entry every time you post a REEL or a Tiktok
3 extra bonus entries if you create a REEL or Tiktok documenting the whole 31-day journey on the last day of the challenge!
You will win a tent camping spot on this retreat, August 3-7, 2023. The winner can choose to upgrade to different accommodation or a different retreat if they wish!