The art of Suchitoto

Suchitoto, in the hills overlooking the beautiful Lago Suchitlán, is known as the “cultural capital of El Salvador.”

What brings most people to Suchitoto is the weekend art festivals.  Throughout the town are many art galleries that open their doors to showcase local artists..

The town is clean and the people are friendly.  El Salvador is still very new to tourism and we have seen less backpackers here than anywhere else so far on this trip thus far.  In this gallery a group of high school girls asked to take our picture.  “Ok…” was our answer, as “This is weird…” was what we were thinking.

We absolutely love beating the touristic rushes.  The locals have had fewer bad experiences with annoying gringos, which gives us a better chance to make a great impression.  This is a time when a lot of Salvadorans are returning to their own country after spending long stints working in the States.  Almost every time that we walk down the street we have someone come talk to us in English and ask us if we are from Boston, or Houston, or California, wherever they happened to spend many years at work.  Salvadorans are all really friendly and welcoming and we are loving it!

View of the huge Lago Suchítlan from Suchitoto