Yoga retreats for deep healing.

Everyone is recovering from something

So, what heals us?
Bigger Life Adventure’s retreats combine the healing elements of:
New adventures.
When you get the opportunity to go somewhere new, get outside your comfort zone, and create community with people you’ve never met before, that brings deep healing.
When you learn to live with more connection to nature, that brings deep healing.
When you get to leave your labels and baggage at home and meet a whole new group of people who have embarked on a similar journey, that brings deep healing.
Our retreats are designed with recovery in mind. We are both in long term recovery from addiction, and proud of it. It doesn’t stop there though. Everyone is recovering from something, whether it’s trauma, substance use, heartbreak, stress, or just the disconnection of life in our high-tech world.
Who benefits the most from our retreats:
People already on the path of recovery or healing who know a retreat like this can help unlock more joy and fulfillment on their journey. (You don’t have to be sober; you can be in recovery from anything.)
People in pursuit of authentic, adventurous, like-minded community.
People who are sober-curious, yoga-curious, or just ready to explore a more connected way of living!
Yoga retreats provide vital opportunities for digital detox and intention setting. We want our yoga retreats to be accessible to everyone so we offer recovery scholarships.

Past Retreat Guests Say…

Carrie and Zach are a wonderful team. I loved everything about the retreat! The yoga and meditation
program were perfect for all levels and provided many useful tools for my home practice.
The food was delicious and always an exciting part of our days. They provide a comfortable,
open space to be vulnerable and grow! I have already booked another adventure with Carrie
and Zach! I wish I had found them sooner!

Misti, Joshua Tree 2020

What a fabulous experience – beautiful space, lovely people, and I did something I was so afraid to do
and it was quite amazing – thanks Carrie and Zach for making such a magical place!

Marci, Breathwork & Cold Immersion Workshop

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