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We create transformational yoga and adventure experiences to inspire individual healing and cultivate connection to self, others, and the world.

"Yoga is not just a workout; it's a work-in." -Rolf Gates

Yoga is far more than just the poses, it is a spiritual path that can guide us in recovery and in every aspect of our lives!

Costa Rica Jungle Yoga Immersion Retreat

March 12-18, 2023
Daily yoga and meditation, special workshops, wildlife encounters, beach time, healthy food, and more!

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Transformational yoga and adventure experiences to inspire individual healing

Yoga retreats for deep healing

Everyone is recovering from something

Our retreats are designed with recovery in mind. We are both in long term recovery from addiction, and proud of it. It doesn’t stop there though.
Everyone is recovering from something, whether it’s trauma, substance use, heartbreak, stress, or just the disconnection of life in our high-tech world.

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So how do we heal?

Our retreats combine the following healing elements

  • New adventures

    When you get the opportunity to go somewhere new, get outside your comfort zone, and create community with people you’ve never met before, that brings deep healing.

  • Nature

    When you learn to live with more connection to nature, that brings deep healing.

  • Community

    When you get to leave your labels and baggage at home and meet a whole new group of people who have embarked on a similar journey, that brings deep healing.

  • Yoga

    Yoga reminds us to stay present, with each breath, movement, and moment.

Who benefits the most from our retreats?

  • People already on the path of recovery or healing who know a retreat like this can help unlock more joy and fulfillment on their journey. You don’t have to be sober; you can be in recovery from anything.

  • People in pursuit of authentic, adventurous, like-minded community.

  • People who are sober-curious, yoga-curious, or just ready to explore a more connected way of living!

  • Yoga retreats provide vital opportunities for digital detox and intention setting. We want our yoga retreats to be accessible to everyone so we offer recovery scholarships.


Carrie and Zach are a wonderful team. I loved everything about the retreat! The yoga and meditation program were perfect for all levels and provided many useful tools for my home practice. The food was delicious and always an exciting part of our days. They provide a comfortable, open space to be vulnerable and grow! I have already booked another adventure with Carrie and Zach! I wish I had found them sooner!

Misti, Joshua Tree 2020

What a fabulous experience – beautiful space, lovely people, and I did something I was so afraid to do and it was quite amazing – thanks Carrie and Zach for making such a magical place!

Marci, Breathwork & Cold Immersion Workshop

The best view comes after the hardest climb 🧗‍♀️ what an amazing weekend filled with some beautiful, unique personalities. I had so much fun meeting all of you. From all the stories, the amazing vegan food, laughs to happy tears, forever travel buddies. Grateful for everyone this weekend. Huge shoutout @biggerlifeadventures for testing our fears, and creating healthy fears and habits, learning new mantras and meditations. Carrie, you are one of the best hosts. I’ll see you in the future again. Love you all ✨💕⛰

Sammy, Arizona 2021 and Colorado 2022

Carrie and Zach are perfectly in sync with their purpose and it shows. They both create the ultimate safe space for healing, creation and connection. Whether you come for Zach’s food (THE BEST) Carries awesome asana, mindful meditations, art projects, ancient lectures, hiking, meeting new friends & sangha, discovering new places around the world or within yourself, amongst many other fun things, you will without a doubt leave a different person even if you hadn’t intended to. These retreats are worth so much more than what you pay for them. Their retreats have something for everyone and I am very excited to make these retreats with my soul fam a yearly if not twice yearly must do. Thank you Carrie and Zach for all that you make possible for all of us. So much love!!

Jess, Joshua Tree 2022

The retreat in Costa Rica has the highest of recommendations I could ever give!! The entire week offered so much challenge, connection, adventure, restoration, rejuvenation, joy, laughs, insight, knowledge, awareness, jungle sounds, delicious meals, consistent practice, relaxation, and (insert at least 101 more wonderful adjectives here)! On every level, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, I grew and became a better version of myself! A group that started as friendly strangers completely transformed into an intimate and comfortable family by the end of the week! There was true magic, power and energy flow like I’ve never been apart of, and, if I may be so bold to say, EVERYONE was completely filled and changed in their own beautiful way! No one was even close to being ready to leave and didn’t want the jungle retreat to end! Of course, for anyone who knows Mr Zach (the baddest chef east of the Mississippi) and Sensei Carrie (the baddest yoga instructor I’ve ever known), they are such a beautiful and inspiring duo who offer their whole selves to the retreat and to everyone’s experience! They truly care about everyone and it shows in their personalized approach in how they communicate, educate, serve and enlighten their audience! They make the yoga practice (beyond just the physical movements) a beautiful journey that is so worth becoming intimate with! In a non-pressure, come-as-you-are way, you are treated with all the love and respect! I continue to reflect back on that week and know it will be one of my life’s highlights! Lifelong connection to the Sanctuary and to the people who I met, made a super great experience into a mesmerizing and awestruck one! Why you haven’t booked this retreat is beyond me! Do your heart, mind, body and spirit a solid by signing up for this impossible-to-regret experience!

Jamo, Costa Rica 2022

When there’s 120 feet of gain from the parking area to the yoga deck, a regular workday counts for the Climb-a-Day #MerryVertmas challenge! Occasionally I track my miles and vert just while running around @grandcanyonecoretreat cleaning, building, and making improvements. Some days I walk around this land and think “Damn, what a mess we’ve created!” 🤣 And on other days I’m at peace with the never-ending to do list, constant quest to find good helpers, and beautiful alternative livelihood we’ve built for ourselves here. At least it gets me lots of vert every day!

While I’m posting about this, maybe you should know that we still have some open dates on the calendar for other people to host retreats, workshops, or events out here in 2023! Reach out! ⛺️🗻🏡❄️🌞🌅

@squirrels_nut_butter @runsteepgethigh
Lubed up with @squirrels_nut_butter and got up Mars Hill for day 1 of #MerryVertmas hosted by @runsteepgethigh . Last year the progress I made through 25 days of intentional vert was huge! This year I’m holding onto goals and dreams more loosely, but it should still be fun to chase some big elevation gains and some prizes. Running doesn’t have to be your thing if it’s not, but I hope you all have some enjoyable way of being outside through December. Feel free to ignore these Vertmas posts for the next 5 days as I try for the Climb-a-Day Challenge as well!
If you’re not convinced yet, don’t worry! I’ll keep the jungle life teasers coming until we get 5 more sign ups for Costa Rica Jungle Yoga Immersion!

March 12-18 including yoga, meditation, adventure, amazing food, and happy sober vibes. 🏄‍♀️☀️🌸🌼🐒🌊

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“Yoga is a democracy of the mind, body, and spirit.” - source unknown 
- This interesting definition is something that came out of our fun Living the Sutras book discussion group last night!
We began our Yogi Book Club journey last week, and at our last meeting it was so nice to hear what everyone is getting out of Living the Sutras by @kellydinardo and @amypearcehayden so far. 
I found that it felt easier to practice acceptance and compassion towards myself during a tough week thanks to reading the book and following the journaling prompts. 
Having a weekly Zoom date to discuss yoga philosophy is so nice! If you haven’t joined yet but want to, feel free to start the book and then hop on the Zoom next week!
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