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Our blog has been running since 2011!

We started blogging our travel adventures in 2011 before Youtube, Instagram, and Tic Tok. Our travels started soon after we met! Our first big trip together was to South America for almost 8 months! The first posts on this site were in the planning stages of that adventure. Our website used to be called La Aventura Project, and we kept that name until 2018 when we started transforming into Bigger Life Adventures.

We are proud of all the places that we’ve been, and the ways that we’ve been there. Our goal is always to travel as sustainably as possible, and our style is to be cheap, light, and keep going as long as possible. At this point we’ve been to around 40 countries and most of the American States.

We might not be as big of dirtbags as we used to be, but we still enjoy travel hacking, languages and cultures, and searching out new experiences. Most of our time now is spent being the guide, taking people to some of the places we love. We try to do it as sustainable as possible, but any travel does have an impact on the environment. We believe that the change that comes to you, while on retreat or tour, is usually worth the financial and environmental price.

Travel exposes you to new cultures, races, languages, foods, ideas, it opens up you mind. It allows you to be more excepting of others, to see that there is more good in the world than the media makes you believe. Travel allows us to get outside of ourselves, to be in awe of the amazing universe that we are part of.