45 Miles of Self-Discovery: Backpacking Yoga Retreat on the Trans Catalina Trail

45 Miles of Self-Discovery: Backpacking Yoga Retreat on the Trans Catalina Trail

Embark on a soul-stirring adventure that surpasses the ordinary—a transformative journey along the awe-inspiring Trans Catalina Trail. This backpacking yoga retreat is not just a trek; it’s a journey of self-discovery, set against the backdrop of Catalina Island’s stunning, wild landscapes. 

The 45-mile trek of the Trans Catalina Trail, winding through beaches and forests – isn’t just a hiking adventure but a backpacking yoga retreat tailored for those seeking serenity, challenge, and community. Consider joining a supportive group of fellow adventurers for a 4-day expedition that will grow and pour into you in ways we hope you’ll come to discover. 

Hiking the Trans Catalina Trail allows for a week of living up close and personal with nature, disconnecting from work and technology, and allowing the vibrant life and flowing waters of Catalina Island to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

So what is the Trans Catalina trail? 

The Trans Catalina Trail, a jewel among hiking trails, offers a 45-mile odyssey across the enchanting Santa Catalina Island with an elevation gain of 9,600 feet. It’s a 4-day hike with tent camping on secluded, mesmerizing beaches and room for exploration of all kinds. 

This journey is designed for those seeking not only a physical challenge but also a rejuvenating escape into nature. It’s perfect with a supportive group of fellow adventurers, while embracing a healthy, alcohol-free vibe, and making new friends while challenging yourself amidst the island’s natural wonders.

From the lovely port of Avalon to the tranquility of secluded coves, the Trans Catalina Trail has a mosaic of natural wonders as backdrops for yoga, hiking, soulful conversations, and quiet reflection.

A hiking and yoga retreat along the Trans Catalina trail is not just a physical journey; it’s a mental and spiritual expedition. As you traverse the island’s various and gorgeous landscapes, challenge yourself, make lasting connections, and fully immerse in nature and community. The supportive group dynamics and the invigorating daily yoga sessions create an atmosphere of growth and transformation alongside the calm beauty of nature.

During our yoga retreat along the trail, our journey will go like this:

Day 1: Ferry to Avalon, hike Avalon to Black Jack – 13 miles

Day 2: Black Jack to Little Harbor – 9 miles

Day 3: Little Harbor to Parson’s Landing – 13 miles

Day 4: Parson’s Landing to Two Harbors – 7 miles

Day 5: Ferry back to San Pedro

This can be a challenging hike for beginners, but the physical challenge may actually be part of how this trip can grow and transform you. We love welcoming all levels of fitness, but do definitely consider how your body responds to walking that many miles each day.

Concerned about your fitness level or preparedness? Don’t worry! Reach out to info@biggerlifeadventures.com for valuable tips and a training plan. This retreat is designed to be inclusive, welcoming participants of various fitness levels. It’s not just about conquering the trail; it’s about personal growth, shared experiences, and embracing the journey.

What else is part of our retreat?

As long-time yoga retreat hosts, we’ve curated this journey to provide a holistic experience with thought-out details so you can relax and pour into yourself and your fellow retreaters.

Our retreat includes:

  • Ferry tickets to and from Catalina island, 
  • Access to gorgeous beachside campsites along the way 
  • Plant-based meals that are always crowd favorites by Chef Zach
  • Coffee, tea, and water to keep you refreshed
  • Group warm-ups each morning, fostering a sense of community
  • Daily deep stretch yoga and meditation sessions post-hiking
  • Gear haul services, lightening your load to a daypack between campsites

Do keep in mind a few things we’re not including like tents, backpack, or gear, hiking snacks, and two lunches (available for purchase at the Airport Cafe and a cafe in Two Harbors.)

The Trans Catalina Trail beckons, not merely as a hike but as a transformative retreat—a fusion of adventure, yoga, and natural wonder. As we navigate the island’s contours, delve into daily yoga rituals, and experience nature in full, sober community, you’re not just traversing miles; you’re creating space to dive deeper into yourself and the world around you.

Join us for a yoga retreat like no other—an expedition into the heart of Catalina’s wilderness, where every step is a step towards inner peace and holistic well-being.