5 tips for choosing a GOOD yoga retreat in 2025!

When you choose a yoga retreat, it’s essential to be aware of all the impacts of your travel. Here are five key points to consider to help you find a retreat that does more good than harm in this world. We hope this guide will help you find a wonderful, authentic, sustainable yoga retreat, whether you choose one of ours or another company’s yoga retreat.

5 tips for choosing a GOOD yoga retreat in 2025!

1. Authenticity: Does the yoga retreat you’re considering hold true to the roots and origins of yoga? The retreat should focus on more than just the physical practice, incorporating yogic philosophy, mindfulness, and meditation. Look for a retreat that emphasizes a holistic understanding of the practice, and that employs authentic practices and teachings to guide you. On Bigger Life Adventures retreats, we always include some yoga philosophy so that you can start learning about yoga “off the mat!” Also, authentic yoga retreats should probably not include alcohol, goats, or other yoga gimmicks that don’t align with the philosophy of the practice.

2. Good Teaching: The quality of teaching is critical to the success of your yoga retreat. Look for a retreat that has experienced and qualified instructors who have a deep understanding of the practice and can guide you through it effectively. The instructors should be patient, empathetic, and genuinely invested in your progress. Look for teachers who also immerse themselves in good teaching! Be wary of any teacher who already considers themself a “yoga expert.” A lifetime of study is barely a drop in the bucket when it comes to yoga! Zach and I are constantly seeking to learn more so that we can infuse new depth into our retreats.

3. Sustainability: Sustainability and environmental impacts should be key considerations when choosing a yoga retreat. Look for a retreat that minimizes its carbon footprint, conserves water, promotes local and organic food, and is committed to environmentally-friendly practices overall. It’s essential to choose a retreat that aligns with your values and respects the planet. Many of our guests do arrive by airplane. We believe that the gain outweighs the cost, that travel has the power to heal and change.

4. Local Impacts: Any good yoga retreat leader will choose a location and accommodation that supports local people. Make sure the retreat center you’re going to employs or is owned by locals and pays their staff a living wage. Make sure the retreat center you’re supporting makes yoga and wellness offerings available and financially-accessible to locals, not just tourists.

5. Community: A supportive and caring community is critical to the success of any yoga retreat. Look for a group of like-minded individuals who share your interests, and who you can connect with meaningfully. A yoga retreat should provide you with a space where you can foster relationships with others who share your interests and support your practice. We’re happy that our retreats always bring together a positive, supportive, sober community and that the friendships we form continue long after the retreats have ended!

Look for authenticity, good teaching, and sustainability in choosing a yoga retreat. By finding a retreat that embodies these qualities, you can let go of worry and sink into your practice. Allow yourself to be guided and tune inwards.

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