7 Types of Terrible Hostel Guests

Hostels are great places that laid back traveling people can enjoy.  They are some of the best places to meet new friends and share your favorite backpacking stories.  However, we’ve all met some types of people who just shouldn’t stay in hostels.  While there are more, these are our top seven types of terrible hostel guests.

terrible hostel guests


Top 7 Types of Terrible Hostel Guests:

1 – The people that come back drunk at 4am daily.  You’re finally asleep in your room after having one too many sugary coffees and just as the nice dreams are coming on, Tommy Partyface starts struggling to get his key to fit in the door hole.  Everyone else knows that the door isn’t locked, but he fumbles around until the door miraculously pops open and he flips on the lights.  He bangs around for a few minutes looking for his toothbrush, before abandoning the quest and passing out with his shoes on.  You are left to stare at the ceiling until the light of sunrise saves you.

2 – The old man know-it-alls.  We get it, you’re on a big retirement trip and want to tell us all about it.  You jabber on about how cheap it is here, how pretty the girls are, how you just can’t imagine living this way.  How much more amazing life experiences you’ve had than I have.  Every time I try to say something, you rebut it with a one-upper.  The old man know-it-alls always do it cheaper, faster, longer, and your way just isn’t as good.

3 – The smelly hippy people.  Just wear deodorant if you are going to sleep near other people.  There are nice natural kinds that wont affect your chi, dude.

4 – The people having sex in the hostel dorm room.  There’s nothing worse than waking up on the top bunk in the middle of the night wondering “who’s killing the hostel cat?” only to notice that your bed is shaking not so subtlety.  This is why they sell private rooms at almost all hostels.  Just suck it up and fork over the extra $3 you horny bastards.

5 – Cheapskates.  We understand that you are traveling for a long time and don’t want to blow a lot of cash, but nobody likes a cheapskate.  Share your food, or a shot out of your bottle.  A little sharing goes a long ways towards making friends.  I find that the more I give away, the more abundance I receive in return.

6 – The people with no volume control. We understand that this is how loudly you have conversations in your home country of Ulakalakavakia but the walls are thin and it’s 3am in the morning.  No one cares who won the football game at this time of night – just go to bed or learn to  speak in a quiet, respectful way.

7 – The people who think their mom is around to clean up after them.  Some people walk through life leaving a trail of garbage and dirty dishes that rivals the Valdez oil spill.  Just learn to clean as you go, never leaving a place dirtier than you found it.  This is just a good way to life your life in general so get used to it.Yim Whan Hostel & CafeThe best way to not one of the terrible hostel guests is to practice mindfulness.  Be in the moment, listen to others, and have fun!


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