Ayurveda Wednesday: “Abhyanga” Self Massage

Here’s an Ayurvedic self care tip for Ayurveda Wednesday! Ayurvedic self-massage, called “Abhyanga” with warm oil is an important daily habit to get into. During different seasons you should use different oils to either warm or cool the skin. Coconut oil is cooling for summer and warm climates. Sesame oil is warming for the cold winter months! You might be thinking, “Sesame oil, really? Won’t I smell?” Well, the beauty of the self-massage is that you’re meant to do it BEFORE taking a shower, so you actually wash the oil off and won’t smell like it all day! Oiling your skin before you shower creates a slight barrier between your skin and the water so your skin doesn’t dry out as quickly. The warm water from a shower actually helps the oil absorb into your skin more! For more about the best way to perform a self-loving “abhyanga” routine, check out this video!