Ayurveda Wednesday: Routine!


Ayurveda Wednesday: Routine!

No matter what your prakriti and dominantprakriti and dominant dosha is, Ayurveda teaches that all humans benefit from a consistent routine. If you’re trying to make some positive changes or New Years Resolutions in 2024, maybe start with implementing a morning routine and sticking with it!

That’s one of my goals for the new year! I want to start each day mindfully, getting up with the sun to meditate and practice pranayama, and maybe even do some asana practice, before I look at my phone or laptop. I just know this morning routine will help me keep the high vibes flowing all day! Once I get this down, I want to start working on an evening, pre-bedtime routine too! But one thing at a time!

Routine becomes harder and harder as technology and the modern world work so hard to distract us. Taking back this control allows us to have more time in our lives, more focus, and more mental clarity. Routines help us to be less ADHD, to stop the scrolling, to get life done. It allows us to bypass procrastination and complete tasks, saving time in our lives to enjoy our lives.

What routines can you implement to bring more balance to your life in 2024?