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Bangkok Night Biking Tour with Grasshopper Adventures

At La Aventura Project we focus on adventure, obviously!  So of course we had to check out the Grasshopper Adventures Bangkok Bike Tours! Grasshopper Adventures runs bicycle tours all over Asia, with expert local guides who show you an amazing time.  The Bangkok night biking tour starts at their headquarters near Democracy Monument where they give you instructions on the route and explain some city history.  Before you head out they give you a quick rundown of the bicycle then give each rider their own reusable water bottle.  We were big fans of the water bottles and wish more businesses would reduce plastic waste by using this type of eco-friendly practice!

Bangkok Night Biking Tour with Grasshopper AdventuresThe Bangkok Night Bike tour started off by taking us down some small allyes behind the infamous Khao San Road.  From there we biked a few more minutes to the Chao Phraya River where we stopped  just in time to take some beautiful sunset photos.  We were already impressed with the quality of the bikes and felt very safe riding around the city because the guides helped us safely cross streets and navigate the crazy traffic.

Bangkok Night Biking Tour with Grasshopper AdventuresStopping at the Flower Market was one of the highlights.  We tried some refreshing passion fruit juice and learned about the history of the market.  Then we learned how to fold the famous Buddhist lotus flowers into beautiful patterns, like a living origami.  There were also vendors cutting betel nuts into packets for chewing.  The local people used to chew the nuts to get high, or get energy, but the habit has faded out over time.People still buy the nuts as an offering to their ancestors who they still believe enjoy them.  We stopped to get some more street food outside of the market and were able to try many things which were included in the price of the tour.

Banking night biking adventure with Grasshopper tours

These “khanombuang” Portuguese/Thai filled crepes were delicious!

Bangkok Night Biking Tour with Grasshopper Adventures

The Lotus Flower, folded in many different ways. It is the most sacred flower in Buddhism.

Bangkok Night Biking Tour with Grasshopper Adventures

The betel nut being prepared.

Bangkok Night Biking Tour with Grasshopper Adventures

Beautiful flowers everywhere.

Bangkok Night Biking Tour with Grasshopper Adventures

Inside the Bangkok flower market.

The tour stopped at two of the most famous Thai temples as well; Wat Arun and Wat Pho.  The guides explained a lot of the history of the temples and taught us a lot about the connections between ancient Hinduism in Thailand and Buddhism.  We offered our lotus flowers which we had folded earlier to the lord Buddha at Wat Pho.  It was really special to view the temples at night, as they are illuminated with bright lights and lacked the hordes of tourists that swarm them in the daytime.


Wat Arun


Wat Pho


Bangkok Night Biking Tour with Grasshopper Adventures

Wat Pho is the original Thai Massage School.

On the way home we rode past the Grand Palace and several other temples.  We stuck to back alleys and less busy roads.  It was super cool to see these neighborhoods of Bangkok that we never would have found without the tour.  The Bangkok night biking tour with Grasshopper Adventures was better than we could have imagined.  We learned a lot of Thai history, ate incredible food, and made some new friends.  The traffic in Bangkok can be absolutely insane, but we felt very safe the entire experience and we have the guides to thank for that.  We really were very impressed with the experience and hope to do more trips with Grasshopper Adventures in other parts of Asia!

Address: 57 Ratchadamnoen Klang Rd, Khwaeng Wat Bowon Niwet, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200, Thailand

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