Bigger Life Adventures – Yoga & travel that gives back!


Bigger Life Adventures is our new yoga and adventure retreat company featuring us, Zach and Carrie, leading you on adventures in incredible countries around the world!  This is our newest video, showing you a little more about what a trip with Bigger Life Adventures looks like!

Bigger Life Adventures – Yoga & travel that gives back!

A few of the things we want to share with Bigger Life Adventures are yoga, meditation, clean living, amazing destinations, vegan food, and giving back to the local communities. 10% of all participation fees are donated directly to charities working in countries where our retreats are located. This year we will be hosting retreats in Southern California, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania. Check out the dates and maybe we’ll see you there?


In the five years since writing this post, Bigger Life Adventure’s has hosted most than 60 retreats, in 4 countries. And we are just getting started. The yoga retreat lifestyle is just getting started and we can’t wait to be at the forefront of the new innovations to come.

We are excited in 2025 to be hosting our first retreat with included plant medicine in Guatemala.

2025 will also take us back to Mexico as we host tours through the Yucatan and other states on the new high-speed and electric Tren Maya.

We also hope to do several more Costa Rica events in Monteverde, and continue looking for a space for yoga retreats in western Europe.

The past few summers we have spent almost entirely doing retreats near the Grand Canyon, hosting on our land. Currently we are closed there as we do repairs and renovations, expanding into a new permit for operations. We hope to be back fully running out there again in the next few months, ready to let nature be the healer!

We are always thinking up new stuff and you’all only hear about our best ideas. Some of our future challenges will be finding the right employees to accomplish all of our lofty goals. But we will get there soon enough, as the world needs healing and we hope to point many people in the right direction.

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