Burning Man (Zach’s Take)

Burning Man,  lets write about it.  Super easy…not.  It’s an experience, a stream of thought, a party that doesn’t end, a desert that is inhumanable.
Thats not what BM is to me.  BM is a group of friends that come once a year every year.  BM is everything you wanted, multiplied by sparkle ponys.  BM is forgetting reality.  BM is letting all of your inhibitions drift away into the dust before anyone notices.  BM is life thrown into the fire and told: Feel something different!  BM is the difference between life and death, between real and reality, between the fake and the unfake. It does exist, you just ask “ Are you a virgin? “ and tell people never ever come back again.  But that’s good.  BM IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!  Please, don’t come because there are too many people already.  BM is drinking Bloody Marys in the morning, not ‘cause you are an alcoholic but because they are there and you want it and you don’t care because you want it.  BM is watching the sun come up over the desert and wondering if it really matters, then watching it go down and realizing that it doesn’t.  BM is not caring that it matters.  BM is not mattering.  You realize that there is another life but this is OUR CITY.  WE BUILT THIS MAN!!!!  And we take pride in it.  You can’t take it away, this feeling.  BM is how life would be without the MAN.  Don’t even try to be without the Man after this.  His is with you and you will never be without.  BM is life. BM is everything we never had.  BM is US – the man, the woman, the itdoesntmattercauseitsburningman.  BM is everything you hate being released from your body.  BM is a shard of life in this world.  BM is you.  The only stop is that hour after you kill him that he is gone and there is nothing left.  But that never lasts and we all have to feel that same pain.  You can be sad but you should pray to the temple that you can take it with you, that you can please, please, please try to take it with you.  I hate going but I love it.  I can’t stop going.  Please don’t let me stop and please don’t let you stop.  The world needs people like us to push the limits and find out where this thing goes.   Let’s push it farther.