Cathedrals of León, Nicaragua

Cathedrals of León, Nicaragua

León is the old capital of Nicaragua and is known for being a liberal city full of intellectuals and poets.  It also has several really awesome churches.

The most famous cathedral is this one, the biggest church in Central America.  It was built in the 1700s and although the outside is a bit worn out, the inside is really well-maintained and gorgeous.

The altar

Great paintings

We saw two other really old churches in León.

Other highlights of León included some good street food, fun parties, and volcano boarding (post on that coming tomorrow)!  We also ran into an old friend who worked with us at Loki Hostel in Cuzco.  What a small world!

***EDIT 2024 – How has Leon, Nicaragua changed since we have been there? Or is it the same? We would love to hear from more recent travelers if our blog is still relevant or not. We hope that it is more than a relic of the past, a memory of times and places and people gone away. We hope that people still find it useful, and can use it to find some information that doesn’t exist somewhere else.

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