Checkin’ things off the list! Traveling to Colombia 2012

Oh hayyy guys, guess what we did today? We were getting ready to backpack in South America, starting in Colombia. 

1. Bought bus tickets to Chi-town (Chicago) so we can make our flight!

2. Found a first Couchsurfing host in Medellin, Colombia!

3. Found a first farm to go to in Colombia!  It is primarily a coffee farm but has tons of other stuff.  Apparently their coffee was voted BEST in Colombia.  Ok, I’m excited!

4. Studied a ton of español.  I even wrote an email in Spanish and got my point across!

That’s it.  Only 2 more weeks of these super boring posts!  We’re so close to the real adventure beginning!

EDIT in 2024*** It’s funny how we say it as “boring post” while we are bragging about our cool lives.  The only people that I (Zach editing whoever’s original post) ever knew who did things like this were Couch Surfers that we hosted from Europe and whatever. We made it a long ways after all of this started, still going hard to this day. We travel a little slower now, and spend money on comfort, but our spirit for travel and adventure is still alive.

The trip ended up going a little differently than we had planned, but we covered a LOT of ground and stayed on the road for about 8 months. It was more expensive than we thought it would be, and we also decided we wanted to have a beer every now and then (more now than then).