Comfort Kills – Retreats break you out of comfort zone.


Comfort Kills  – retreats break you out of comfort zone.

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Uncomfortable pirate photo in Mexico.

We live in a time of comfort and convenience but remember – COMFORT KILLS! Everything we need is at our fingertips, usually ready for same day delivery so it’s not even necessary to leave the house. Slowly western civilization has become so reliant on these services that we have strayed far from our ancient “hunter gatherer” roots. Only a small minority of our population could hunt or gather anything before dying of hunger or thirst! I know I’d probably die if I had to catch my own food! Straying so far from who we are supposed to be has made us physically unhealthy, weak, and mentally unstable. The solution, however, is easy– get out of your comfort zone and live the life you were meant to live!

I believe fear may be the biggest factor leading us to become too comfortable and complacent. Fear keeps us stuck in our rut, happy to have just enough to survive but unwilling to take a chance at something better. We live in a time when fear is manufactured on a scale that we can’t even comprehend, mass produced to keep us dumbed down, weak, and scared to rebel. Fear damages our first chakra, the root, which is responsible for our survival instincts and our right to be here, alive, having our needs met. Root chakra problems make it impossible to develop the rest of our chakras healthfully, so fear really can control our lives in a very serious way.

How do you conquer fear?  I think the idea is not to fully conquer it, but to learn to live with it and work through it. Do things DESPITE your fear! One method that helps is by confronting it head on and getting out of your comfort zone. Comfort is a feeling that we are conditioned to enjoy, but too much can actually affect our mind, body, and spirit very negatively. 

Comfort can also limit our ability to learn. We get so trapped in our ways of thinking, our pre-conditioned thought patterns, that new ideas aren’t allowed space to grow.  We aren’t able to “think outside the box.”

You might have become too “conditioned to comfort” if you find yourself feeling extremely anxious or bothered when traveling to new places or confronting unfamiliar situations. You might be too comfortable if the idea of traveling somewhere new and unfamiliar seems like an impossibility! Remember – COMFORT KILLS!

We get it! The first time we went on a yoga retreat, we were definitely nervous. Would we like Sri Lanka? Would we get along with everyone on the retreat? How would the accommodations be? What if everyone was better at yoga than us? Luckily, after the first day of the retreat, we were having a great time and we realized that all our nervousness was totally unjustified! We were so glad we had stretched ourselves to get our of our comfort zones! Escaping from your comfort zone is a simple way to combat fear, the ego, ethnocentrism, and self-centeredness. 

With society encouraging us to blend in and not make waves, we quickly fall in line with the crowd. But remember – COMFORT KILLS! It keeps you trapped, scared, and weak, unable to excel to your highest potential. Bigger Life Adventure’s retreats are designed around the concept of taking your a little bit out of your comfort zone. You will learn new things, meet new people, experience new cultures, push yourself farther mentally and physically, reaching a little bit more than you thought possible. We know this might make you a little nervous or uncomfortable at first, and that’s kind of the point! Only by stretching yourself can you break free of these chains that we all carry and truly be free!