Coronavirus: Ascension or Regression?

Coronavirus: Ascension or Regression?

My energy is super split right now:

On one side there’s this hope and readiness for a new way, and on the other side there’s this temptation to regress.

Ascension or regression/repression.

My higher self is down for this. I signed up for this. I’m ready to be at the forefront of this massive shift, to help break down the old system and economy, and to begin a new way, a more sacred way of living on earth, whatever the cost. And I believe it is coming. At the same time my lower brain just wants to go back to normal. It gets all hopeful at the thought of the economy re-opening so I can go back to the familiar hustle of earning and spending money, working hard to play hard.

These are the two halves of my psyche right now. And so I’m choosing every time I can to move towards the higher hopes, but at the same time letting my natural human cravings for familiarity exist. Knowing that fear is normal but it cannot win. And I’m watching the world through social media.

On the side of regression, I see some people freaking out and hoarding and getting lost in conspiracy theories. Let me say first, I do believe in some elements of those theories myself. However, we must be careful not to get lost in the ego-driven need to explain the unexplainable somehow, some way. Most of these theories lead to a frenzied mentality of fear and lack and “every man for himself.” I’m watching as those who choose the reactions of hoarding, overly isolating, and protecting themselves in this style create for themselves the world they have chosen to believe in – one of separateness, isolation, and fear.

On the side of ascension, I see people choosing to move forward in love. This is the vital invitation you get to accept, if, like mine, your financial plans for the year have been completely screwed. So you’re screwed; time to shift. I see people banding together to plant gardens. Teaching free classes. Trading homemade bread for eggs with neighbors. I see struggling small businesses donating to other struggling small businesses. People volunteering and giving. Yogis paying for yoga scholarships for other yogis. I see people offering from their excess instead of hoarding. I believe that a temporary life with fruitful connection is more important than a long life in survival mode. When we choose to reach out, to connect, to share, to give in any way possible, we create the new world. We create a world of love and generosity in which we don’t have to rely on corrupt systems anymore. We choose to believe that when we care for others we will be cared for ourselves. We take our power back and learn to thrive in community.

This is the world I want. How about you?