Monteverde Costa Rica Yoga Retreat & Tree Climbing 2025

Escape the ordinary and step into a dreamlike week of serenity and connection with nature in Costa Rica. Discover your inner wild self during our Costa Rica Cloud Forest Retreat, set against the enchanting backdrop of Monteverde and the magic of Costa Rica’s cloud forest. 

A Week in the Clouds: 2025 Costa Rica Yoga Retreat and a Strangler Fig Adventure

Wake up to tropical bird song and the rainforest, with days full of harmonizing yoga, community, meditation, and the rare opportunity to climb strangler fig trees with the experts—all while supporting the Palo Vivo reforestation project. 

The Retreat Experience

Picture waking up in Finca Camino Nuevo, an eco-retreat near Monteverde, Costa Rica. This sanctuary in the cloud forest offers modern amenities harmoniously integrated with nature. There’s so much to find delight in – with the excitement of different monkeys and birds, the soothing forest trails, and the refreshing pool and jacuzzi.

Plus, Chef Zach, known for his creative and colorful plant-based meals, will craft delicious, locally-sourced meals that’ll nourish both body and soul.

Choose between private or double rooms, each equipped with a queen bed or a single bed, a private bathroom with a solar hot water shower, and a breathtaking view of the San Luis valley and the Gulf of Nicoya. Past retreat-goers have attested to profound healing experiences, attributing it to Costa Rica‘s magical ambiance, chakra exploration, and the supportive group energy.

Yoga and Meditation

Engage in morning Vipassana group meditation, daily or twice-daily yoga sessions, and various meditation styles, including Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, and Restorative. 

Guided by Carrie and Zach, these sessions are tailored to all levels and themed around profound yogic concepts. Workshops on yoga philosophy, breathwork, Ayurveda, and meditation further enrich your understanding and practice.


Rainforest Walks and “Pura Vida” Experiences

As part of your retreat, embark on a private walking tour of the Monteverde Forest Reserve with an expert guide, deepening your connection with the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica.

Dive into the Finca Camino Nuevo’s amenities, including the pool, jacuzzi, tree net, ceremony space, and trails. Experience a cacao ceremony and ecstatic dance, and cleanse your spirit in a traditional sweat lodge—Temescal.

The Palo Vivo Reforestation Project

Beyond personal transformation, this retreat gives back to the natural beauty you’re getting to experience with the Palo Vivo reforestation project. The reforestation endeavor is not just about planting trees; it’s about nurturing life cycles and ensuring the survival of every sapling. 

The project’s unique approach involves close collaboration with the local community, especially the youth, to foster a sense of responsibility and care for the trees throughout their lifespan.

Get Up Close with Some of the Most Gorgeous Trees in the World, Strangler Figs

A highlight of this retreat is the exclusive opportunity to climb strangler fig trees with experts. These majestic trees, woven into the intricate fabric of the cloud forest, symbolize resilience and interconnectedness. 

We’ll get to ascend these giants, enjoying their sheer size and majesty in the rainforest. It’s a great bucket list adventure, and beyond that – an experience that can continue deepening your connection to nature and groundedness in the world and yourself.

In the heart of Costa Rica’s cloud forest, this retreat transcends the ordinary, offering a rare blend of self-discovery, ecological mindfulness, and the sheer joy of communing with nature.

Doors to the Wild Self: Costa Rica Cloud Forest Retreat promises not only a rejuvenating escape but also an opportunity to contribute to the thriving ecosystem through the Palo Vivo reforestation project. Embark on this journey, climb the strangler figs, and let Costa Rica weave its magic into your soul.

We just opened up bookings for our 2025 retreat!