Cuba Travel Highlights


Cuba Travel Highlights

Here is a long-overdue short video from our travels through Cuba in January 2017. Cuba was one of the countries most devastated by recent hurricanes. They have been largely skipped in the international aid effort and the United States makes it nearly impossible to help them in any way. We are researching ways to help and will report back if we find something legitimate. Please comment if you have any ideas!!!

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How were we able to go to Cuba being citizens of the USA? There was a brief window when it was made legal. It was less than a year. To be honest, I don’t believe in the whole embargo. But that’s for another post.

Has anyone else been to Cuba more recent to 2024? We would love to know if anything has changed. I suspect that everything is about the same, as the status of the embargo hasn’t changed. I hope to go back some day, maybe do some rock climbing or a long bike trip. The people are so nice and it’s so safe, it’s just the getting there that is a little tricky. Maybe someday we will just get a president who cares about human rights.