Essaouira – Morocco’s Surfer’s Paradise

Essaouira – Morocco’s Surfer’s Paradise

Essaouira, on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco, is a popular destination for surfers, backpackers, and other laid back travelers.  The long, sprawling beach has good waves and surfboard rentals for cheap.  The Medina is much more manageable than in Marrakech but still has great souvenir shopping and some good local food.  The best food option is the coastal seafood stands where you literally take your pick from freshly-caught fish, shellfish, sea urchins, lobsters, you name it.  Zach loved it!

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EDIT 2024 – I would love to go back to Morocco again. It was such a different time in our lives, and now a whole new set of activities as opened up. I would love to go there with a vehicle and drive around where we please.

I don’t think we even went surfing while we were there. I know there are breaks all down this coast, and it would be great to take the trip all the way to Senegal. Africa has so much to offer and is still so wild, some day we are going to drop in there like nobody’s business and check out some more far out places. I just think having a 4×4 is a must and would really make the trip amazing.