Everybody’s Gone Surfing/A New Obsession

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, is a the most happening beach town in the country thanks to it’s awesome surf breaks.  We stopped there for two nights.  With Steve, who had never surfed, in tow, we couldn’t resist the temptation to rent a board for the day and and try it out.

Since Zach and I took our first surf lesson in Máncora, Perú, we decided renting one board for all of us to share and taking a taxi to the nearest beach would be all we needed to do.  From San Juan del Sur, it was $10 and 20 minutes to Playa Remanso, a great spot for both beginners and experienced surfers.  Considering how physically taxing surfing is, sharing one board and taking turns for about five hours was perfect!

Zach trying to surf.

Guess what?  Surfing is HARD!!!  It was especially hard at this beach because the waves were breaking very close to shore.  It was difficult fighting the waves to get out there, trying to keep hold of the board and not getting knocked back too far!  Then because the waves broke so close, you had no time to get yourself standing before your ride was over!  It was a challenge.  Although Zach and I both stood up and rode a wave last time we surfed, neither of us had as much success this time.  Near my last run, I finally stood up, got stable, and then my wave died a second later!  Bummer!  However, Steve managed to do better than both of us, standing up and riding a couple times!

Everybody trying to catch some waves.

There were some great surfers out there, impressing us with their moves.  Although I struggled a lot and have the bruises to prove it, I think that I am even more hooked on surfing than I was after my first try!  It’s just so challenging yet tantalizing trying to catch that awesome ride!  Even though I didn’t really stand up, I had some great rides on my stomach and knees, still really fun!  Plus, surfing is an AMAZING workout.  Even now, two days later, the three of us are still sore in the shoulders arms, abs, and legs!  It works ALL your muscles!  Honestly, I really, really want to move to a beach where I can learn how to surf decently.  It would be so much fun, and I would be so buff!!  What a great sport!

After a fun, tiring day of surfing, we were rewarded with one of San Juan del Sur’s famous sunsets.  It was amazing watching colors paint the clouds as the sun sank below the Pacific horizon.  We just had to sigh, “¡Ahhh, que perfecto!”