I See It Now


“If you could see even a fraction of what’s possible for you,

you would fall to your knees and cry.” – Laura McKowen

I See It Now – Yoga Retreats For Recovery.

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Almost 2 years ago this girl went to Cambodia and walked around ancient temples in the jungle. This girl had a good friend who planted the seed of an idea to start a business. Yoga retreats for people in recovery.

This girl wasn’t even a yoga teacher yet but she had a whispering but confident voice inside. The voice said that she was going to be a good one.

This girl had no way of knowing how much listening to that friend, and to that voice would change her life.

She had no way of foreseeing the obstacles ahead and no knowledge of how much she would have to lose along the way. How much of her ego would have to die.

She just kept moving, one pace a time, as if stepping lightly across stones laid out through a misty river. Sometimes she couldn’t see the next place to put her foot down. Sometimes she went the wrong way and had to backtrack.

She never knew she was walking slowly here, back to Flagstaff Arizona, and if someone told her that she would have cringed and scoffed and tried to get out of it. She couldn’t see the future. She still had to shed more layers of toughness armoring her soul.

If I could go back in time and hug that girl and whisper something to her, I would say: “Yes! You are listening now and you are doing the thing you were born to do. You are healing and changing. You are losing who you think you have to be are and finding who you are. You are going back to the places that need you. Let it unfold. Keep going.”