Let’s Talk About Poop for All the World to Hear

Let’s Talk About Poop for All the World to Hear

WARNING: The following post is definitely TMI.  But you know me, I have no filter.  And I thought this was hilarious.

Setting: In a hotel room early in the morning.  The door is wide open to the outside hallway.  Carrie is concerned about the morning’s digestive problems, and she and Zach are speaking at a normal conversational volume.

Zach: Don’t worry, I had some diarrhea this morning too.

Carrie:  Really?  What did we eat?

Zach:  Remember lunch yesterday, when we said, ‘We probably shouldn’t eat these raw vegetables…’ and then ate them anyway?

Carrie:  Oh yeah.  ‘Cause we always eat everything.

Zach:  It’s just some small diarrhea.  It’ll be over soon.

Suddenly, a random white guy walks out of the bathroom next door and gives the two a weird look.  He surely understands English and surely overheard the whole conversation.


EDIT FROM ZACH IN 2024. How do you deal with travelers diarrhea? We try not to take Imodium unless we are going onto a long bus ride or something. Our method is to get it out then hope it feels better. There were a few times throughout our travels that we maybe should have gone to a doctor. Hopefully what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.