Just wanted to send a quick thanks to our readers.  When we started this blog last February, we got a lot of different feedback such as:  How are you going to pay for it?  Do they speak English there?  Those aren´t safe countries to travel to!  You are riding on BUSES?!  There are drugs EVERYWHERE!?…  Along with others.  To be fair, there were encouraging people, but I think this post will be about rubbing it in the faces of all our doubters.  So here is to nearly 4 amazing months on the road, and over 5 months left until we have to return to the U.S. of A.  But we won´t be returning to real life, because real life is for chumps.  We hope that the adventure will last forever, because these are our lives we are talking about, and we want to make the best of them.  So again, thanks for reading and hopefully everyone enjoys hearing our stories as much as we enjoy telling them.  Here´s to another great year for La Aventura Project!