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Our 1 year anniversary of being back in the USA just came and went without us even blinking an eye. 👁 How does the time fly so fast? ✈️

2 years ago I got this fortune from my favorite temple in Bangkok, Wat Saket. I was feeling shaky, unsure, angry about the past, and lonely when I got it. 🕉

1 year ago we flew from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰to Arizona 🗻with disappointment in our hearts, feeling like failures because we couldn't make the "digital nomad dream life" work, no $$ in our bank accounts, to move back in with Zach's parents and get our shit together. 🏡We had spent 1.5 years wandering the planet and learning and trying and failing and going into debt, so it was time for an ego and reality check. 🌏💸

We started working odd jobs and continuing to work on our business, building community and rebuilding our mission...

10 months ago we got our loan for our van #Afvanistan , and felt a little bit empowered to get back into the freedom nomadic lifestyle by living #vanlife .

7 months ago we ran our 2nd sold-out yoga for recovery retreat in Joshua Tree, California 🌵⚡️

5 months ago we got another loan from a family member and bought our 10-acre property outside Williams, Arizona and started @grandcanyonglamping . What we thought would be a beachfront foreign country dream turned out to be right under our noses all along. ⛺️🍉The amount of support and help we received from family and our new friend family was incredible.

6 months ago I started teaching more yoga at more local studios and in the Juvenile Detention Center. The kids I've been privileged to teach there have been a blessing in my life.

3 months ago we ran our first retreat at our own property and it felt more aligned than anything we've ever done before. ✨🌅

I can't help but think about the old adage "Sobriety delivers everything alcohol promised" and flip it into "Home delivers everything traveling promised." Friends to adventure with, an amazing yoga and spiritual community, reconnection with family, purposeful work for both of us. It helps immensely that we picked a beautiful place with endless opportunities for exploring and connecting to nature. Is this my life? #WeAreTheLuckiest

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