Random Cats in South America

Random Cats in South America

We randomly encountered this tiny park full of cats while strolling through Miraflores in Lima, Perú.  There were literally cats EVERYWHERE! Why is this?

Cats on the ground.

Cats on the steps.

[/caption]And then we saw the sign…

Cats under the bench.So was this a former dumping ground for unwanted pets and the sign was just recently posted?  Or is everyone just blatantly ignoring it?  What is UP with this place?  Quite random and funny.

EDIT FROM ZACH 2024 it’s weird the things we find along the way when we are backpacking. It’s usually when you think that you have a place figured out. Up out of no where something very strange comes forward and you are confronted with the fact that you really know quite little. I am continuously humbled by certain places, and much of South America was like this.

That’s what really makes backpacking fun! If we knew exactly what we would see around every corner, what would be the point of going to look? With social media now, it’s so hard to go to a spot (at least for me) that I have never seen before. Sometimes we go as far as to not look anything up before we arrive, so it seems more new when we get there.

How do you think that travel has changed as we move through the 2024?