Re-learning Flash Animation for

Re-learning Flash Animation

I’m going to sit down (again) this evening and take another stab at creating some animations in Flash for our awesome Pitch/Trailer that Carrie is putting together.  I learned Flash Animation in one of the classes I took in college (sophomore year, which is now…4 YEARS AGO!!  Whaat!)  I’m starting with some tutorials on youtube and going from there.  Hopefully with a little more time and effort it will come back to me.  It seems crazy to me that it is proving to be difficult – now I know how my parents feel when they sit down at the computer! 😉


Edit 2024: These blogs were all really short, like social media posts soon would be. We were mostly just writing so we could come back and see later what we were up to. It was fun that we didn’t end up having a phone or constant internet access, like we would now. This a allowed us to travel in a much different way than we do now. We planned things out more, booked more in advance… Or maybe we are just better travelers now, worrying less, going more with the flow. Either way is good for me, as long as we keep ourselves entertained!