Restaurant El Cubanito in Miraflores, Lima, Perú

Restaurant El Cubanito is one of many similar traditional-Peruvian “set lunch” restaurants in central Miraflores.  What sets this place apart from the rest is its good value, friendly waiters, large selection, and a juice refill  (“UNLIMITED JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  If you get that reference, we love you).

Although “almuerzos” (set lunches) including “entradas” and “segundos” (appetizers and entrees) are common in Lima as well as in most of Perú, most do not include beverages and dessert like El Cubanito.  I started with the ceviche, which was fresh and just a touch spicy, a very classic costal Peruvian dish.  Carrie’s appetizer, the tequeños, were a little skimpy in the cheese filling but were redeemed by the delicious huacaína dipping sauce (which we MUST learn to make when we get home!).


We both had the pollo a la plancha con pure (grilled chicken with mashed potatoes) as our main.  Way to branch out, I know.  The chicken in the main course was well seasoned and as usual the perfect Peruvian mashed potatoes took the show.  The dish was also served with white rice.

Pollo a la plancha con pure

The accompanying fresh-squeezed pear juice and fruit salad dessert rounded out the meal sweetly.  We left full but feeling like we had actually had a very well-rounded, not unhealthy, meal.  We would definitely visit El Cubanito again to try more almuerzo combinations!

Location:  San Martín 443, Miraflores, Lima