Signs from the Universe: Elk Medicine


Signs from the Universe: Elk Medicine

Do you get the signs when you ask the universe for them?

Lately we’ve been asking the universe for signs and reassurance that we’re on the right path. We’ve been going through a lot of change lately and it’s easy to doubt our direction. The other night driving home I saw a big elk stag on the side of the road. Not super unusual to see them where we live now, but my first instinctual reaction was “I need to look up what that means.” So later that night I looked up “elk medicine” on Google and read all about the symbolism of the elk, while still thinking I was just being way too “woo woo” and it didn’t mean anything. Then the next morning, Zach and I saw 6 elk on the side of the road. Then that afternoon, we got in our friend’s car and guess what book he had sitting in the backseat? A guidebook to Native American animal totems and their meanings. Was that enough signs? I think so.

So what does the elk mean?

According to what we read elk are a reminder of steadiness and pacing. Elk take 4-5 years to mature so if you’re being impatient in awaiting results in a new business or something and you see an elk, it means you need to pace yourself and wait for success in the long run. Oh man, how perfect is that message for us right now? Bigger Life Adventures is our passion, our baby business, but we’re getting to the point where it’s easy to be frustrated when we can’t sell a retreat, or we can’t seem to get people interested in what we’re doing. Thank you elk, for reminding us to stay steady and patient, keep learning and growing, and to allow the success to flow to us in due time. I really do believe it’s coming in perfect timing.