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Thai boat noodles

Depending on where you stay in Bangkok, you might have some locals suggest you grab some “Thai boat noodles.”  The best boat noodles are located near Victory Monument, right off the BTS Skytrain. Thai boat noodles are generally served in small bowls and the object is to eat a lot.  Most shops serve upwards of seven different types of noodles and if you manage to eat ten bowls they will give you a free liter of cola.Thai boat noodles

There are a series of canals that run through Bangkok.  Traveling by boat through these canals used to be the easiest way to get around the city.   There were many floating markets along these canals where the vendors sold products from their boats.  Several of these markets still remain in the city but are mostly just there for tourists to take pictures.  However, these are where the “”boat noodles” originated and, although they are no longer served off of boats, the shops that sell them are still located by the canals.

To find the Thai boat noodles, just take the Bangkok BTS Skytrain to the Victory Monument stop.  Victory Monument is a large statue that is surrounded by a huge round-a-bout that rivals the size of the Arc de’ Triomphe in Paris.  Walk around to the northeast corner then through the market stalls.  Once you reach the river you should see the shops, about four of them along the edge, all very busy.  They bring you a menu with 7-10 choices of different noodles.  There are pork, beef, and chicken options usually.  Some of the soups are thickened with blood, which gives them a deep brown color.

The trick is to order them all at once so you can get that Instagram shot of all the bowls.  After your picture, just start taking them down.  After you eat them all, stack up the bowls and make yourself an impressive tower.  If you take down ten bowls of Thai boat noodles you win a free liter of soda.  My favorite are the peanut-ey pork noodles.  Each bowl only costs about 12 Thai Baht ($0.35) each, so we encourage you to get piggy with it.

Thai boat noodles

Bangkok is a city packed full of good eats, from strange foods like bugs to fancy fine dining.  Every time you turn the corner you will be attacked with strong scents that make you hungry for more.  Thai boat noodles are at the top of fun things to eat in Bangkok so be sure to not leave the city without putting at least a few bowls down.  And don’t forget that Victory Monument has more than just noodles.  Be sure to check out Saxaphone Pub or Sky Train Jazz Bar for some great live music after you get your noodle fix!

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