The South America Tourist feature

The South America Tourist feature

Our awesome announcement for the new year is that we are now official contributors on The South America Tourist website.  We’re writing hostel reviews for the site as we travel and our first post went up today!  It’s about our great experience at Laguna Surf Camp, in Máncora, Perú and you can find it here!  Writing for this popular backpacker’s resource is an awesome opportunity and we’re pretty psyched about it!  Thanks for checking it out!

That’s us!

Looking back from 2024…

We did this as a great way to get some free places to spend the night. We started off staying in the cheapest, basic backpacker digs. We used it all over South America. When we moved on to travel in Central America, we couldn’t get our free places to stay anymore. So we started doing the same service, just posting on our own website instead. This was at a time before social media, when a lot of businesses really just wanted to have a website link on the internet.

From there we did this on several trips, all over the place. We started making videos and to go along with the photos we were already doing. In Thailand we go a drone and were doing hotel shots for a little while. We have been evolving ever since, and now find ourselves running Travel and adventure retreats and tours all over the world.