Tour the Yucatan pyramids on Mexico’s new all electric Tren Maya!


Take a tour of the Yucatan on Mexico’s new all-electric Tren Maya!

Travel in Mexico more sustainably! Traveling by yourself doesn’t have to be difficult, scary, or expensive. Bigger Life Adventures invites you to join our fun, conscious crew for 6-day or 11-day Yucatán, Mexico, Tren Maya tours!

Our tours are expertly-curated, taking you to top attractions like UNESCO World Heritage Site Chichen-Itza, along with many other more “off the beaten track” kinds of adventures. We make sure you go to the best places to eat, walk the prettiest streets, and stay at the coolest hotels, AirBnbs and guesthouses.

We have traveled extensively in this region and really cannot wait to show you what it’s got to offer. Traveling by the new Tren Maya, Mexico’s speedy, plush, all-electric train, really increases the comfort of the journey, while maximizing efficiency of travel. Instead of waiting in traffic on the hot highway, you will have more time enjoying pyramids, cities, and Mayan culture.

As always, all of our events are ALCOHOL-FREE and supportive of recovery in all its forms. You don’t have to be alcohol-free “in real life” to attend these tours. We just ask that you be willing to be a sober traveler in Mexico with us! Experience Mexico in the best way, without a tequila hangover!

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Our tours are on the all-electric Tren Maya, Mexico’s newest sustainable train.

Mexico’s new, sustainable, all-electric Tren Maya is the best way to explore the Yucatán peninsula. With stops at most tourist attractions, it makes taking buses or flying seem silly. Our tours start and end in Cancún! Just fly in and out of Cancún International Airport, hop on the free shuttle to the Ruta Maya train station, where we’ll meet you and take care of the rest! The six-day tour does a loop through Yucatán, Quintana Roo, and Campeche states, hitting all the best attractions. The 11 day tour does all of that plus takes you all the way to the jungles of Palenque in Chiapas state!

Other ways of getting around the Yucatán Penninsula are hot, bumpy, and long. By taking the train you get to each destination hours sooner, creating so much extra time to spend having FUN and learning about the history and culture of the Mayan world.

Travel in the Yucatán.

The Yucatán is one of the top places to travel in Mexico and Latin America in general. The peninsula has so much diversity of adventures, amazing food, friendly people, and is super safe for tourists. Some of Mexico’s nicest cities bustle in the tropical Yucatán Penninsula. Mérida, Valladolid, and Campeche are all beautiful colonial cities, packed full of color, art, delicious food, and streets to explore.

These colonial cities are reminiscent of other Caribbean gems like Havana, Cartagena, Panama City, etc… The architecture makes you feel very far from home, after only a short plane trip. The cities and accommodations you’ll stay in are also extremely modern, with fast Wifi, purified water, and comfortable beds, so you won’t be without the comforts of home.

There are many Mayan pyramids in Yucatán, Mexico.

Yucatán, Mexico is the best place in North America to visit pyramids, ruins, and other archeological sites of the Mayan empire. Our tours go to Chichen-Itza, Edzna, Uxmal, and Palenque! At each of these locations we hire a local guide who takes us around the sites. You can of course also go off on your own; it’s your adventure! We are just there to point you in the right direction.

The Mayan culture spreads across the peninsula and you will see it outside of the ruins and pyramids. The Mayan people are still the main indigenous community, and you will see them almost everywhere you go. They are extremely friendly, cook delicious meals, and many still dress in their traditional, colorful clothing. At one time, many of the Mayan pyramids were painted just as beautifully and it’s fun to imagine how vibrant the whole pre-Colombian scene must have looked!

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Experience a Cenote!

Cenotes are subterranean swimming holes. They offer a break from the heat, as the water comes from cool, underground rivers. Some of them have collapsed roofs so the sun comes in. Some are completely underground, so you are technically swimming in a cave. The water is crystal-clear and so refreshing. It’s truly an other-worldly feeling to be in there!

The water flowing through these subterranean rivers and into the Cenotes is millions of years old and we really feel a powerful energy in the waters.

On our tours, we guide you to several of these cenote swimming holes. You know what else is cool? We go there by bicycle! This method gets you there before any of the other tour groups. We could even be the only ones there!

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Traveling in Yucatan, Mexico is safe for tourists!

The Yucatán contains some of the safest tourist destinations in all of the Americas. Crime rates in Mérida, Valladolid, and Campeche are lower than most major United States cities. Mérida alone is home to more than 15,000 American expats who live in the city full time; many are older retirees looking for a different way of life.

Mexico gets a really bad rap in the media. However, the reality is that Mexico is coming into a booming period for travel. Everyone wants to go there right now! Things are safer than they have ever been and the Mexican economy is getting a lot stronger. This is great for the Mexican people as there are a lot more opportunities for employment than there were in the past. This is also great for tourists of all types as economic stability lowers crime and makes the country more fun for everyone.

Mexico is not an expensive place to travel.

Going on a trip with Bigger Life Adventures to the Yucatán doesn’t have to break the bank. We keep our prices low to be accessible to all individuals. These tours start from $1650. We do offer scholarships for all of our events! Click here for more information!

Travel Mexico sustainably with Carrie, Zach, and the Bigger Life team!

Carrie and Zach have spent many months traveling through Mexico. They love over-landing and have driven more than 10,000 miles through the country. They have been to 19 of the 26 Mexican states and will someday go to the rest. They can converse in Spanish and love and enjoy Mexican food, people, and culture. Carrie and Zach have led five Mexico yoga retreats at different locations, and are always encouraging people to travel longer and further. They also host retreats in the United States, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Portugal, and Thailand!

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While Carrie and Zach have designed the itinerary and hold the space, it is the participants in Bigger Life Adventures experiences whom make these trips really special. We welcome anyone who is willing to travel in a mindful, open-hearted, curious way to join us. If these trips feel slightly out-of-your-comfort-zone, even better! Your hosts love holding space and helping travelers process new experiences, so if you’re feeling the call, book a discovery call or sign up today!

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