Volcán Tungurahua eruption near Baños, Ecuador 2012!

Very unfortunately, our Internet connection right now will not allow us to upload pictures.  However, we need to tell you that we were indeed in Baños while the Tungurahua Volcano began erupting on Sunday night.  We watched the eruption all night and into Monday, and then decided to leave town for a couple days, since we are wusses.  Although the volcano is still erupting, we may head back to Baños tomorrow. But know that we are safe and pictures are forthcoming!

EDIT 2024 – This was a really cool experience. The ground rumbled, lava shot from the top, boulders hit the ground that you could feel. It wasn’t possible to relax. It was only a few kilometers up this thing, as the trail to the top started up behind our WWOOFing house. Local people said it was “tranquilo” but that didn’t mean anything to us. We watched it in wonder, oh Tungurahua we still worship you to this day. It brought back a loving of volcanos that I’ve had since a youth, when I would stuff them with gravy and explode it all over my plate.

We ran away from the volcano, to the amazona for a few days then up the hill again to Baños town, which was at least suppose to be out of the blast zone. Unlike the spot that we had our tent, right by this giant canyon, no doubt carved by lava.