The 13th Step. It’s What’s Missing From AA.

The 13th Step. It’s What’s Missing From AA.

What’s missing from AA and 12-steps programs? Or maybe there’s nothing missing, but there’s just something that should come afterwards? A 13th step, perhaps?

Although AA worked wonders for getting me sober and helping me make new sober friends, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where it falls short. To me, that’s in the area of long-term personal development as a sober person. I really think there should be a 13th step, and no, it’s not “dating someone in program” as people joke.

The 13th step should be about what you do after you’re solidly in recovery. So you’ve worked the steps, maybe you’ve had a couple sponsees, and you go to the same meetings week after week. This is where I’ve noticed people start to stagnate. Have you felt that? Maybe you’re sober, but you feel disconnected from your body? Or you’ve transferred your addictive behaviors to food, work, exercise or controlling other people? Or you still don’t understand your higher power and how to meditate? Maybe you see others gaining serenity through yoga and you want that but you’re not sure where to start?

There’s a saying in the Big Book about how “Self knowledge availed us nothing,” when it comes to trying to get sober on our own. I’ve heard that repeated so many times in meetings. But what I believe and teach, is that once we are sober and firmly on the path of healing, SELF KNOWLEDGE IS EVERYTHING. Once we are clearheaded, we need to learn how to look inward and understand ourselves better in order to thrive in recovery!!!!! This is so, so, so important! If we don’t understand ourselves and what makes our bodies and minds tick, we can’t figure out how to get to that serene, happy, joyous place where we want to be!

That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching Ayurveda for recovery. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian holistic health system and the sister science of yoga. We all know what yoga is nowadays (or we think we do, in reality yoga is a lot more than just the poses), but Ayurveda explains WHY we even do yoga!

My Balance Your Recovery 1-on-1 Ayurvedic Recovery coaching program is based on understanding the three doshas, or energy types in the world, learning what your personal dosha is, and what that means for you! We talk about your wellness, career, and life goals and how you can incorporate yoga, Ayurveda, and healthy routines into helping you reach those goals! Each person’s needs are unique so each 6-week program is customized to focus on exactly the areas you want help with! Since in Ayurveda, everything is medicine (food, yoga, lifestyle, herbs, sleep, meditation, etc.) there are infinite possibilities for incorporating this ancient wisdom into your life and using it to find deeper connection with yourself and with your higher power. So if you feel stuck or stagnant in your recovery and this program is calling to you, please don’t ignore that call! It’s time to grow and thrive!

I’m opening up two spots for new Ayurvedic Recovery coaching clients for my 6-week program starting in June. If you’re interested in figuring out whether this coaching program is right for you, I’m giving away free Intro sessions to anyone interested in learning more! You’ll get to discover your dosha and what that means for you with no obligation to sign up for more coaching. Just contact me to book!

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