Yoga Sunday – Kapha Balancing



Yoga Sunday – Kapha Balancing

Let’s get back into Yoga Sunday and talk today about some more yogic and Ayurvedic techniques for finding balance in our lives. Today I want to share about the “KAPHA” dosha! Ohhhh Kapha. I feel like it is the most under-valued dosha in the western world because of our “go go go” workaholic mentality, our current conception of physical beauty (which leads us to prize more Vata and Pitta body types), and our global Pitta imbalance!

But where my Kaphas at??? Being predominantly Kapha in your prakriti is nothing to be ashamed about or try to hide! In ancient India, beauty standards were much different and everyone idealized the heavier, more well-rounded Kapha body and wanted that!

For myself, being tri-Doshic, I’ve had to do a lot of self-analysis to figure out how my doshas distribute in myself. I’ve realized that my physical body is very Kapha. I have a slow-burning metabolism, gain weight easily, tend to eat emotionally and overeat, and love heavy, oily, carby foods. I also have great endurance and once I get my body moving on a run or hike I can go for a long time. So I totally identify with the Kapha body type and have been trying to eat a more Kapha-balancing diet!

For Kapha, exercise is MEDICINE! You have got to get moving to get that stagnant energy out and shake it up, especially in the winter! Getting moving in a vigorous way will help with brain fog, lack of motivation and energy, sluggishness, unhealthy food cravings, and all those other Kapha downsides. It’s especially helpful for Kaphas to exercise in the MORNING between 6-10am so you can set an energetic tone for the rest of your day. If you don’t want to do it, that just means you need to do it even more!

Yoga styles ideal for Kaphas and challenging, flowing, and dynamic. Hot yoga and power Vinyasa are great ways to stoke that inner heat and get yourself going! HIIT, running, aerobics classes, and dance are also great ways to start your day. Basically, it’s all about VIGOROUS exercise, shaking yourself out of bad habits, and starting the day with a good sweat! Try it out and let us know how it goes!

If you don’t know what “Kapha” is and this is all gibberish to you, I suggest you go back to this post to learn a little bit about the Ayurvedic dosha system, or sign up to join my Free “What is Ayurveda?” Webinar coming up on March 25!


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