Yoga Sunday: Vata Balancing Poses


Yoga Sunday: Vata Balancing Poses

If you do already know what Vata is, then you’ll know that when our Vata is elevated, we feel creative, spacious and flow-ey. We may have a million ideas running through our heads but have difficulty focusing on one or seeing a project through to its conclusion. When Vata is really out of balance, we may suffer from anxiety and insomnia and have a really hard time meditating. Physically, high Vata can cause weak, achy joints, arthritis, and gas/bloating.

There are so many ways to balance Vata! We’ll spend a whole week learning about Vata and Vata-balancing techniques in my upcoming Balance Your Recovery online course! For now, let’s just talk about some basic yoga asana techniques for bringing down excess Vata. We want to focus on grounding, strengthening, and stabilizing poses. Tree Pose, Vrikshasana, as shown above is a great examples of a grounding and leg-strengthening balancing pose which will definitely help regulate Vata! By focusing on balancing and growing our roots down into the earth, we strengthen our foundation and feeling of connection with the physical world around us, also getting our focus out of our racing thoughts and more into the physical body’s sensations! So yoga postures that strengthen the legs, make you balance without inverting, and make you ground down into the earth are all going to help you feel more settled and less Vata when that’s what you need! Since winter is Vata season, it’s a great time to incorporate more Vata-balancing poses into your practice!


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