We are Carrie and Zach, a travel-obsessed couple always on the hunt for new adventures! Whether it’s a months-long camping road trip in the American west, riverboat hitchhiking in the Bolivian Amazon, rock climbing the amazing karst cliffs of Thailand, meditating with Buddhist monks, or learning about traditional healing rituals with witch doctors in Tanzania, we are always DOWN for an exciting adventure. If we get to challenge ourselves and learn something new along the way, all the better!


We’ve been traveling as much as possible during our 10 years together, but life hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows. We've both had our share of struggles with substance abuse and addiction which brought us to some scary places.  Thankfully, we both found new life through sobriety and a spiritual program of recovery.  Yoga and meditation continue to be of huge importance in our recovery journeys.  We're both now sober and proud, and we're dedicated to breaking stigmas against addiction in this world and passing on the hope and freedom of sobriety to others with the same struggle. Thus, Bigger Life Adventures retreats are devoted to serving those in recovery from anything!


In 2017, after a trying couple of years full of struggles and life change, we broke out of the ordinary life we had been living in California and became digital nomads devoted to culturally immersive travel, finding ways to work from anywhere, and seeking more spiritual fulfillment in our day-to-day lives. After six months of bouncing around Asia we began to feel like new people, surrounded by inspiration, and fully supported by the universe to believe in ourselves and our ability to change the world! BOOM! Bigger Life Adventures was born from a sudden spark of inspiration to combine all of our passions and share them with our friends — travel, yoga, adventure, recovery "outside the box", cultural immersion, and to give back along the way. (See The Bigger Life Pledge). Doing this work of enabling others to have a life-changing travel experience truly lights OUR souls on fire!

You can read more about our travels on our blog: LaAventuraProject.com


Please, come join us on an adventure and discover for yourself how you can change your story!

Carrie, Yoga Instructor, Recovery Coach, Boss-lady

Carrie has been practicing yoga for over six years and has always turned to her practice for stress relief and spiritual connection. She loves enabling students to explore yoga beyond the mat and discover a spiritual practice that works for them! In 2018 she obtained her Yoga Alliance RYT 200 from Quantum Yoga School under teacher Lara Baumann. Quantum's unique yoga education provided her with expertise in Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy, Vinyasa, and incorporating the modern principles of Quantum Physics into yoga.

She also offers group and private Ayurvedic Recovery Coaching and is currently pursuing a certification in Ayurvedic Counseling.

She loves travel, hiking, photograpy, and puppies!

Zach, Vegan Chef, Holistic Nutritionist, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master


Zach is a trained Chef and Holistic Nutritionist with a specialty in creating healthy and delicious vegan & Ayurvedic food! He also loves reaching alternate states of consciousness and has been studying various forms of meditation for 2+ years.  He specializes in guiding journeys of Breathwork meditation in the Wim Hof style.  He has also become a Reiki and Crystal Reiki Master and enjoys offering energy healing sessions.  His other passions include rock climbing, surfing, hiking, carpentry and "MacGuyver-ing stuff", and getting off the grid however possible.

Nicole, Guest Teacher & Ayurvedic Practitioner on Summer Soul Shine Recovery Retreat
Nicole is a passionate, free spirited yogi who travels the world sharing her practice with aspiring yogis. Nicole began her yoga journey at 12 years old when she found yoga helped her through unexpected health challenges. Yoga was her saving grace that strengthened and healed her body, mind and spirit. Nicole’s personal journey inspired her to share her knowledge and wisdom to other yogis, helping her find her voice and develop into a strong, wise and passionate yoga teacher.
Nicole’s classes and consultations are in welcoming, safe environments for people to work on defining and building their purpose while improving overall health through yoga, nutrition, and self exploration. Nicole's connection to nature inspires her programs to be uplifting and allow for creativity and challenge in every way.
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