Grand Canyon Eco Retreat UFO Hoodie


Black hoodie with green Grand Canyon Eco Retreat UFO logo

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Grand Canyon Eco Retreat UFO Alien Hoodie

Do you enjoy camping and aliens? Us too! Support our retreat center and rock that new drip. We have one color because that’s what we like. Use it to say “hey! I’m on your side, friendly aliens!” or use it to say “I’m a strange human being, looking for other strange human being friends.”

Soft, cozy, unisex sizing. We all wear our UFO hoodies ALL THE TIME and its my most commented on piece of clothing. I mean, who doesn’t want to wear a UFO on their chest.

The image on these hoodies is based on true events that took place at our retreat center. A guest heard a buzz over the top of their tent. They felt a tugging at their chest. After about 30 minutes of this, they mustered up the courage to peak out and see what was going on. Upon touching the zipper to open the tent, the buzzing stopped and an immediate calm returned. We made this shirt to commemorate the event.

We hope to have Grand Canyon Eco Retreat back up and running by the end of this summer! Sales of these hoodies help with new construction costs. They also help with interstellar relations and we hope the aliens appreciate the likeness of their vehicle.

These alien hoodies were printed locally by Flag T in Flagstaff Arizona. They do really good printing and are nice people to work with.


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